Providing functional healing options to those with chronic conditions.

Wondering what is causing your symptoms? Trying to find answers? Want someone to help you find healing?

Functional Healing with Dr. Tara may be the right fit for you! Our mission is to provide functional healing options to those with chronic conditions.

About Dr. Tara

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Tara Calmes-Norgaard, DNP, APN, RXN, APN-BC, CFMP, is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice with experience evaluating and treating the underlying cause of chronic conditions. She is passionate about helping clients achieve optimal health in a cost-effective manner. Tara is dedicated, knowledgeable and empathetic in her client encounters. She is honored to be a part of your healthcare journey and encourages everyone to listen to their intuition.

“I love listening to the healthcare journeys of many people. Unfortunately, lots of these include years of being dismissed or getting little to no answers. Just because a symptom is common, does not mean it is normal. I am inspired when people keep searching for answers and don’t give up. And I will not give up either. When I first started as a healthcare professional, I expected to truly help people heal. When I realized my training lacked all the necessary tools, I searched for additional training. Enter Functional Medicine. I believe my purpose is sharing what I have learned and helping clients on their journey to functional healing.”

- Dr. Tara Calmes-Norgaard -

How to Begin


Telehealth and In-Person appointments are available. Telemedicine visits are available for residents of Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. Some other states allow for telemedicine visits. If you live in a state that is not listed, please reach out.

Pricing can be found here.

Consultative Services

Consultative services are available via phone or video for those residing anywhere. In this situation, you have a functional medicine provider in your state. Dr. Tara would work closely with you and the provider to help round out a functional healing plan.

Meet & Greet

Unsure of a good fit? Have some questions before setting up an appointment? Schedule a free 15 minute visit. The purpose of this visit is to ensure a good fit. No medical advice or treatment recommendations will be made.

Home Visits

Home visits may be available in the future depending on interest. This would be for residents within a 45 minute drive from city center Fort Collins, CO. Occasional home visits may be available in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Please reach out if interested here.

Classes/Group Appointments

Check here for any upcoming online classes or group appointments. These are a great way to learn, save money, get a couple of questions answered and connect with others.

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